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shiwencailx January 19, 2010 05:25

How:Setting for High pressure gas
Dear all, I am simulating a case with conditions shown as following:
5Bar C3H8 gas is injected into 5bar N2 gas,which is background gas of model.
1. modify physical properties for both gases, density for example.
2. in panel of fluid initialization for N2, pressure value which is relative is changed into (5bar-1bar)=400000pascal.
3. Using inlet boundary and scalar boundary, to define scalar C3H8=100% for inlet.Here are questions: how to define pressure value for injecting gas?If do not specify, what is defined for it?

With this kind of cases, whether to use buoyancy or not gives quite different results(vector, pressure).
Wish to get some answers.

Thanks in advance.

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