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waisprince March 13, 2010 08:15

How to use K-W models for wind simulation around tall building??/
Hi everyone,

I am carrying out wind flow simulation around tall building as part of my dissertation. I have used K-E (k-epsilon) model it looks o.k. but when i tried to use K-W model the pressure counter goes funny. I did not put any values for the Box Omega(rpm)_____ in the "Define the boundary conditions tab" and left the default value o. What values could i use as a rough guide, or leaving it as a default value should be o.k.

For the K-E i used k=0.025 and E=0.07 as defined in a similar simulation as mine, in the star-cd userguide.

Pne last thing, how do I find the errors of each simulation? i mean how do I compare the k-E and K-W model simulation for the same conditions and show that one is more accurate then the other.

If someone can guide me in the right direction that will be much appreciated........ Tanx in Advance..........

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