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sheintz March 25, 2010 06:41

Spray injection and depth of penetration
Hi everybody :D,
I'm trying to simulate a injection of diesel-fuel in a chamber.
I have a problem with the comparison with the experimental files. In my StarCD file I have a fall of the depth of penetration (lenght of injection : !ms). You can see of this image.
Whats the reason of this fall ? Is it my model ? (Atomization model : Huh because I want to see the cone angle of my spray, Droplet Breakup : Reitz, Collision Model : Standard, with Gravity).
In my work I would like to see the depth of penetration of my spray in the chamber and the evolution of the cone angle.
Thank you for your answers
Best Regards

sheintz March 30, 2010 03:09

has someone an answer ?
I have another problem : I have always the same results for every injectors (the pressure, the diameter, the flows ... are different). What's my problem ?

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