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cfdengineer April 9, 2010 17:19

Subsurface Creation Issue
I have a high pressure turbine airfoil that I am trying to create a subsurface on. The issue is in the film cooling tubes. These tubes have a diameter of 0.025" and some are at acute angles. The film cooling tubes have the smallest extusion layer 0f 0.004". The issue is that it does create a subsurface but some of the tubes have the correct thickness and some have much thicker layers up to 0.006". Why does proam ignore the value I give for the subsurface depth?

cfdengineer April 9, 2010 18:36

I believe I found my problem. I failed to mention that I was using the command -march-ramp-angle=5. Default angle is 25. I changed this number to 10 and the subsurface heights on all the tubes are 0.004".

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