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mepgzzi April 18, 2010 23:25

distribution of product droplet
I was wondering how star can generate new parcels during droplet breakup, cuz I would like to code TAB model for secodary breakup in Starcd.(rosin-rammler distribution of product droplet size)
The only user subroutine to generate new parcels as far as I know is droico.f, but its for primary breakup at the nozzle exit. I would like to use drobrk.f for secondary breakup but it seems that it can only generate product droplets at the same size.
Im using starcd3.26.
Any suggestions?:confused:
Your help would be greatly appreciated!


sheintz April 29, 2010 03:08

Hello mepgzzi,
do you find a solution for the code of the secondary breakup ? If you do, can you share with us your job ?
Best regards

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