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hang1984 June 8, 2010 08:16

Problem with Injection
Hello everyone,
i'm working on a Spraysimulation in motor. And i've defined some injectors which should inject after 1 deg. But i received a error in the Droplet-post that there is no droplet. And i ve checked the *.spd01 file that it accually didn't inject.
The Droplet type and Mass flow Rate have no Prolem, i think.
The modell was imported from es-ice.
i've no idea where can be the prolem. So,
Could someone tell me some possible reasons?
Thx in advance
Best regards

hang1984 June 10, 2010 05:42

i have tried yesterday to inject not diesel which i ve defeined as droplet but water. it injected. but after i changed it to diesel back,it could not inject again.
i guess it can be a problem with the droplet properties. but i've checked the panel. there is nothing different with my another model which untill now works good.
could anyone else give me some tipps?
thx in advance!

hang1984 June 14, 2010 05:11

hi everyone,
Problem solved. i just deleted the 1. droplet type and defeined new droplet type, on second place, nothing different with the first. at the end it injected.
although i didn't understand at all, why it was like this. but at least i can continue my work.
it may give you some useful info, if you face the same Problem.

best regards

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