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hang1984 July 5, 2010 03:54

Question to restart
I've restarted a solution from a *.pst data. It works.
what i don't understand is, why it begins to write the *.pstt every 5 time steps instead of 50, which i used to use before i used restart. i've checked the output, it is still every 50.
could somebody tell me why and how can i change it to every 50. because it is not useful for me to get the data every 5, and the pstt will be too large.
thank you!
Best regards.

enriko_85 July 10, 2010 13:35

have you saved the model before the first run?
because it could be that 5 sec is a default value for the time step.
So if you closed and restart pro-star without saving, the value you entered (50 sec) is not kept.


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