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mbilalm July 26, 2010 02:52

Auto Mesh Tool usage
i could not use the automesh tool as mentioned in the meshing tutorials

after the import of grid when i "run checks" star CD abruptly stops and can not proceed
the problem is with the self intersecting surface (maybe)

please guide me how can i help myself

enriko_85 July 28, 2010 04:51

how do you build your grid?


mbilalm July 28, 2010 07:44

i followed the meshing tutorials
in tutorial 2 the grid is available in the installed files
the steps i performed were identical

enriko_85 July 28, 2010 08:11

mh...I see...try to go back to pro-surf and run a check. You should get an error message if surfaces are self intersecting. You could have to delete and recreate/retrim some of them.


mbilalm July 28, 2010 20:29

there is never an error message

i have tried to eliminate surfaces and tried to merge surface or curves but nothing has gone right in this case

to me tutorial 3 also has the same problem

can there be something wrong with the version i have installed
both have the same problem

also i am trying to link user coding with star CD but i am unable to do so

i have installed MS Visual Studio 2005, then Intel Fortran compiler 11 and then SDK for windows server 2008
the messege is always lib.exe can not find and C fortran file does not contain lib.exe

are these problems inter-connected

please guide me

mbilalm July 28, 2010 20:31

i want to add to the previous statement that there is never an error message when i check self intersecting surface

the program stops abruptly and system is halted and i need to use Task manager to end the program

TomK July 30, 2010 18:58

Are you using Microsoft for your OS? I was never able to get version 4.08 to run in Windows (did not try 4.06) and CD-adapco tech support could not help me. Finally used virtual box and installed LINUX and it ran ok.

For FORTRAN compilers I think it is required to use the ABSOFT compiler up until version 4.12, then you must use INTEL.


mbilalm July 30, 2010 19:57

absoft for 4.06 or 4.08
from where i can get ABSOFT version compatible for 4.08 or 4.06

TomK August 2, 2010 11:02

Believe it or not, but we had to buy ours from CD-adapco. It turns out that STAR is not compatible with the latest version of ABSOFT FORTRAN. I don't know if you are personal (student) or commerical user, but STAR version 4.12 uses the intel FORTRAN compiler. So, I guess your choice is upgrade STAR-CD or downgrade your versio of FORTRAN.


mbilalm August 3, 2010 00:52

please advice me how to upgrade or get the 4.12 version that can perform well and can link to fortran compiler

i am a student and it is not at all a choice for me to buy


TomK August 3, 2010 12:39

The address to download version 12 is:

This requires a user name and login, but if you are using it through your university, they should be able to provide it for you. Be sure to install everything, because it uses the latest flexlm license server to (the old license still works).


mbilalm August 4, 2010 22:01

thanks for ur attention to my problem

but i am studying in the university

previously my lab is not linked with CD-adapco
i am the new entry to use this tool

can u guide me further if i donot have the username & password

from where else i can get it 4.12 (complete with coding enabled)

mbilalm August 4, 2010 22:03


TomK August 5, 2010 16:20

CD-adapco has a program in the US for students to get their software for free:

If you are not in the US I have no advice.


mbilalm August 6, 2010 07:51

thank you very much for ur help

i am grateful to u for ur guidance,

unfortunately i am not in US i am in South Korea

i think i may not be able to find solution to this problem


TMG August 6, 2010 09:09

Even in South Korea, the local agent encourages university use. Ask your IT people to contact them. Its almost for sure available to universities at an attractive price

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