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btanderz November 9, 2010 19:00

Posdat.f code
I joined a research group a few months ago, and inherited some ufiles that I need to go through and try to document. I have been able to interpret a lot of the code, but I am having trouble locating any kind of a description, or even hint as to what these functions might be doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

IC is a set of cells that was created in a previous line.

do jf=1,c2f(IC)%No
IS = c2f(IC)%List(jf)

I am familiar with the %No attribute which I believe is taking the final entry in the a set of c2f(IC). But I don't know what c2f() function is doing and I don't know what the %List() is doing.

My guess is that this is translating from a cell number, to the faces associated with that cell. The 2nd line could be going through the faces of the cell and setting the face number to IS, but that is all guess work.

If anyone has any documentation that covers these function, I would love to get a copy!

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