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devesh.baghel March 10, 2011 07:45

Error while coupling between pipe interface
Hi All,

I am trying to make a couple between two pipes. while making couple at the interface of both the pipe, it is throughing error saying that - "ERROR - SLAVE CELL 506 FACE 6 OF COUPLE 361 IS A MASTER IN COUPLE 576".

please help.....if some one having any idea about this problem
thanks alot in advance

Pauli March 10, 2011 12:44

You need to delete cell 506 from either couple 361 or couple 576. It can not belong to both.

cpcre,shell is a more robust way to create couples. It takes a little more effort. But usually produces good results - especially with difficult situations like curved surfaces.

devesh.baghel March 11, 2011 04:55

Thanks Pauli.....i will try this option....

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