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shin26 May 14, 2011 08:37

heat exchanger problem(concentric tube+ porous media )
well i'm Samy and i'm trying to finish my simulation using STARCD 4 well i'm done with the geometry i built it with Star design and i added boundaries conditions and i did the running even in the pro star,
btw i'm simulating flow in a concentric tube (heat exchanger) you know and interior tube and another annulus, well the problem is i dont have a temperature variation in the two channels(i think problem with setting heat flux) , so i think i have to use subroutines or commands and i dont master the porous media stuffs, because i have to add on the annulus channel a porous media like chicanes and so, so if you can help me with that it will be great and i can send even the model , so if i can have help i'll be grateful : )

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