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mic0126 June 24, 2011 05:25

Problem about using es-ice
I want do the engine CFD simulation by star-cd.
Now I made a geometry by catia, and put into the es-ice to create the template.
Finish creating the template I mapping the template with the geometry.
When finish the mapping, I checked the negative volume.If it existing,I smooth again.(sometimes I smooth so many times but the negative volume still exist,is there any way to make it easier).When I finish the mapping and also check the negative volume is 0.Then I use star setup to create the moving mesh.After that I created the result at TDC to check the negvol still exist.At this time hundereds of negative exist around the valve.This problem confused me so many days.Is anyone could give me some hint to solve this problem?

chili023 July 14, 2011 07:22

why do u mapp.
Is it a very complicated geometry?

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