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aziz56 November 13, 2011 20:49

Spray injection with atomization???
first question i have problem with the Droplet simulation. i have a valve diesel cylinder with all parts
1- mesh in esice
2- imported in prostar
3- all injectors are in prostar defined with different coordinate system
4- simulation
5- Simulation finished => first time have seen just points for the droplets 7 injector but i didnīt didnīsee any dropplets
=> i havnīt seen any droplets and points
by the way i am not using a subrotine i am using the definition like in star user guide
it is transient state
second Quetion : is there any way to read oder export the results from pressure of the chamber as excel table .

PLease Need your help thx alot

skylent November 15, 2011 01:26

Spray injection with atomization???
The second question
If you have selected the lagrange multiphase flow model as well as combustion model, you can find the file named"casename.spd01" in your work directory. From it you can see the average pressure in-cylinder.

Also if you have used the starcontrols before prostar, you can find the file named"casename.pos". you can use Es-ice/postprocessing panel to open it and then export the average pressure.

In addtion you can use STAR command and write MACRO file,such as

operate,smultiply,1 / volc,1,2

I hope it can help you.

aziz56 November 21, 2011 15:29

thx alot for ur Tips i will test it ..


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