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vnykmr.d November 29, 2011 10:25

Help me to get started with star cd
Hi Every one,
I have recently got a license to star cd.I tried to learn the software on my own using tutorials but could not understand even the basic things like how to import a geometry that has been created in pro-e/catia etc.I would like to request you all that if any one of you has got any tutorials on how to get started with star cd plz do let me know/or let me know through replying to this post,it would be a great help to me.I really appreciate you help.

Thank you all.

hwangkl December 1, 2011 04:17

1.maybe old version of tutorials(V3) be easier for new user to understand.

2.just try to mesh simple model, like square problem, by star-cd built-in model. i think there is some simple tutorials to start. is really not user friendly. but i have used it over 12 years. :)

vnykmr.d December 1, 2011 06:33

Thank you very much for your reply.But I found it very difficult even to follow the in-built tutorials.They dont have basics like where to start.I could not even find where the example files are..Can you help me out by sending me a few previous version's tutorials.

Once again Thank you very much...

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