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Moose1231 December 2, 2011 14:11

Meshing of a sharp edge orifice with a radius
Hi, I am trying to mesh a sharp edge orifice that has a radius between the 2 cylinders.

Here is a zoom of the sharp edge. I made the radius by moving some vertices to create a radius, but I am concerned about the non-smooth transition between the angles of my cells.

Do you guys have any ideas how could I have a better mesh around the radius. I want to keep the rest of my mesh as quad cells.

Thank you

JBeilke December 2, 2011 17:42

Try to understand the following prostar-code. It tells you how to create a wall parallel sublayer on an existing mesh.


vc3d 0 1 20 0 1 20 0 1 20

ctab  2 flui  8
ctab 10 shell 4
ctab 11 shell 5

cset news flui
live surf create
cset news shell
cset subs gran ,,, 0.99 1.01
cdel cset
cset news shell
ctype 10
cmod cset

*get xx mxve

cset news type 10
vset news cset
vgen 2 xx vset
cgen 2 xx cset

cset invert
cset subs type 10
ctype 11
cmod cset

ctype 2
*set zz xx * -1
vcex 1 zz cset ,,, norm -0.02
cset news flui
view 1 1 1
plty ehid

Moose1231 December 6, 2011 11:26

Hi, thanks for answering, but I'm not sure you understand what I need.

I need to make a sharp edge that consists 2 cylinders joined together and I need to make a radius so there is no more sharp edge. I just want to have a smooth mesh where my radius is

JBeilke December 6, 2011 16:32

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A wall layer is usefull for sharp edges and also for a radius. You can smooth the mesh later using the "vell" and "vsmoo" comands.

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