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Moose1231 March 5, 2012 09:05

Trimmed Cells, Cylindrical coordinates
I need to a geometry that is axi-symetric. I want to use trimmed cells, but I dont want them to be in the default coordinate system. With the Advance automesh classic, it seems you have the option to choose other coordinate system, but when I choose the system 2 (cylindrical) and that I start the mesh generation, Star-cd close automatically.

Here is the error it gives me :

/usr/local/star-cd/PROSTAR/4.14.010/linux64_2.6-x86-glibc_2.3.4-gcc_4.4.3-ifort_11.0/bin/prostar: line 316: 24088 Segmentation fault

Any Idea what could it be?

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