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Stephen Waite May 18, 2013 20:02

Delta Functions within Ansys Mechanical
Hi All

I'm performing a 1-way FSI using ANSYS mechanical and CFX.

I am creating displacements in mechanical using the direct FE displacement feature which is working nicely but I'm trying to make it a bit more complicated. I wish to use a series of displacements that begin at different times (they need to be dependent on space and time so i cant just use the tabular feature) so i was wondering.

Does the functions option for components have a delta function option?

Is it possible to use if statements within the functions option

Is there a list of available functions. (i could maybe approximate a delta using Bessel functions)

Is there a list of variables for the functions option.

I've been looking online for the last week I'm still trying to get access to the ANSYS portal tutorials so apologies if the answers are on there I'm a student so don't have my own license.


evcelica June 5, 2013 11:55

I thought you could get onto the portal by creating an account using your customer number. If you open Anslic admin utility on your schools computer you can find your customer number, that's what I did at work. It doesn't have to be your personal license.

Florin July 29, 2013 08:56

I am not sure about your problem, but you can make your analysis in several steps; you can define loads on several locations and thru steps you can specify what would be the magnitude and the start and stop.

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