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mtatro July 15, 2013 04:45

Geometry Import from ProE produces improper geometry
Dear Community,

I am working on a project with my university partnered with a company. When viewing the model in ProE, its fine. After importing the model into ANSYS, a small component becomes distorted. The geometry is almost reversed, causing what was a 3d body to become seperate 2d walls. I have asked for permission to share images, but because of company regulations, I can not post them just yet. I was wondering if you had any common tricks for fixing geometry import issues from ProE. I have tried changing settings like import surfaces and lines. I am new to ProE and ANSYS (I use Solidworks normally at school). Any advice would be great. And I will try to get some images once I have permission. Thanks!

diamondx July 16, 2013 00:39

in proE, i use save as -> i select IGES or STEP; then a window pops out in the right bottom of the screen, i select solid instead of shells... it usually export very well try it ! hope it can help

Florin July 29, 2013 08:16

Hello, this error appears because you have modelled the parts with surfaces instead of simple boolean operations. Your problem appears when Design Modeler doesn't recognise all the surfaces and thus it cannot find a solid volume.
Try to convert the prt file in step 214 file and decreasing as much as possible the tolerance of the splines.

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