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behest September 2, 2013 11:49

FSI,Workbench-static structural,fluent
Hello my friends,
I am trying to simulate FSI by workbench ansys. the goal is to obtain stress and strain of a 3D wing. Therefore, I used fluent and static structural in workbench. Fluent simulation is done very well, but I have a problem to run static structural.
In the structural, I imported just the wing (without flow domain) and after generating mesh, it is needed to import pressure data;
Project>Model>Static Structural>Imported Load (Solution) >Imported Pressure

I did it but I recieved an error.
An error occurred while trying to read the CFD result file. Please delete the load and try again.

Could anybody help me? Have you any experiance about it?
Do you have any toturial that solved FSI around a wing?

Peter88 October 19, 2015 21:12

Same problem

I got the same problems, you have found a solution for this?

Tanmay95 November 12, 2015 02:35

Check if you have assigned material for wing. (Geometry part is well defined and have a tick next to your wing geometry)

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