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Iche_Bins October 9, 2013 06:44

Running salome-meca from a java script
I hope that Salome-meca Problem fits in here. There is unfortunately no salome forum so i hope that one is fine. The Code Aster Forum ignores my registration requests so I hope you can help me here.

I have a Java program, running on an xfce machine, which is supposed to run the whole process from creating the geometry to performing the FEM operation in one go.
It can already build the geometry and mesh without a problem. I also have the aster code in place. I can actually run the FEM calculation by manually running a small program named with the following code in it:


/home/ofuser/salome/appli_V6_6_0/runSession as_run --run /home/ofuser/salome/Test/Test.export
It will open an aster environment in a separate folder, copy all necessary input files and start the calculations.
The results look like this:



Code_Aster execution

<INFO> prepare environment in /tmp/ofuser-debianSimulation-interactif.803
adding a symbolic link /tmp/ofuser-debianSimulation-interactif.803/aster to /home/ofuser/salome/SALOME-MECA-2013.2-LGPL/tools/Code_aster_frontend_1131final/../Code_aster_stable/share/aster/../../bin/aster...
[ OK ]
<INFO> no catalogue found for language 'en', use standard (fr) one...
adding a symbolic link /tmp/ofuser-debianSimulation-interactif.803/Python/Cata/ to /home/ofuser/salome/SALOME-MECA-2013.2-LGPL/tools/Code_aster_frontend_1131final/../Code_aster_stable/share/aster/../../lib/python2.6/site-packages/Cata/
[ OK ]
copying .../aster/elements... [ OK ]

Copying datas

copying .../Test/ [ OK ]
copying .../Test/Rohr.comm... [ OK ]
<INFO> Parameters : memory 2056 MB - time limit 900 s
Now if I run the same program with the command sh or by directly using the command line by executing my java programm the calculation wont start.
The whole program stops right before copying and Rohr.comm without any error messages. The output looks identical to the one above till the line "Copying datas"

So in conclusion, the program works when run form console, but not when run from java.

Does anybody have an idea what causes that problem, or how I can get a more detailed output so that I can find out what’s wrong here?

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