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sur4j November 24, 2013 15:15

OpenFOAM offers the most control over simulations?
I am trying to create a thermal simulation in which the youngs modulus increases at a certain rate with time once getting to a set temperature. I understand that this is not a standard simulation and therefore I am thinking of using the solid displacement solver used within OpenFOAM as I have seen that this software package allows the user to have a large amount of control over the simulation (can program your own custom solvers).

Am I correct in thinking that OpenFOAM is one of the only such simulation packages that allows for so much control or would something such as Nastran for example also allow the user to program his own custom solvers?

ripudaman March 31, 2014 23:04

There are several solid mechanics and stress analysis solvers out there. I am pretty sure you can use OpenFOAM to solve your problem. I have had some experience with FLAC3D which is an Itasca software. It is very convenient to run simple small scale problems. But it does not handle operation on clusters so the size of the problem and the execution time are a little constrained.

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