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C_O November 25, 2013 11:54

Exporting 3D data after analysis
Hello friends;

I need your help again.
Is it possible to export 3d data after mechanical analysis?

In more detail, for example, I use some displacement on a part and after it, part shape chance. In this situation, can I get that chanced 3d geometry in any format? Is it possible?

I really really need that information. Thank you for your helps.

Florin February 28, 2014 07:00

Hello friend,
I managed to generate the deformed shape after the structural analysis. All you have to do is after you run the analysis, to plot the deformations; after that go to Geometry, RK>Update Selected Parts>Update Geometry From Results File.

Unfortunately there is no way to export this geometry in an external file; this is only used for the mesh update and further use. You can use the deformed finite element model to define a new finite element model, but there is no way to generate new geometry from the deformed finite element model.

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