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MichiMichi January 23, 2014 07:09

Ansys Mechanical implementation of reinforced material
Hi all,

Right now I am trying to model a calcification process in a human artery.
My approach is the following:

I have an elastic isotropic material for the arterial wall and as time goes by the material gets reinforced by randomly distributed fibres (or particles) with a higher elastic modulus.

I have two questions:

How to model this kind of material? I looked through the tutorials but couldn't find anything appropriate.

The other issue is a little bit trickier.
Can I restict the new material properties ( of the stiffer material) to a certain area in my model? The background is the following:
I have a blood pressure distribution along the arterial wall and only in specific areas ( high fluid pressure on wall ) is the calcification process happening and the material becomes stiffer!

Thanks a lot!


Chat noir March 4, 2014 09:59

May be try Mori Tanaka Methods to have the behaviour of heterogeneous materials.

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