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daddo88 January 25, 2014 06:52

Transient analysis of a synchronous PM motor
Hello everyone,

I would like someone to help me with my problem.
I have to make a 2D model of an electrical motor and analyze the transient behaviour and the eddy currents in the PM with ANSYS APDL (without using workbench or something else).

Now, I made the 2D geometry using plane13 element and I did the mesh. I can also perform the static analysis changing the position of the rotor every time I start the simulation .

But now I want to analyze the transient behaviour, as I said. I was able to perform a transyent analysis giving in each substep the right current value to the windings, but I also have to rotate the rotor in each substep, according to the current.

I want to calculate the magnetic field and eddy currents in MP over a complete electrical cycle in N discrete equidistant time steps by changing the stator excitation and simultaneously rotating the rotor position. The problem right now is to rotate the rotor position.

Can someone please help me telling me if is it possible and how could I perform that kind of analysis?

Thanks to all. Best wishes,
P.S: sorry for my very bad english :(

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