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Lara Gonšales February 12, 2020 13:08

Simulation isn't converging
I'm having difficulties to converge my simulation in the "Static Structure" and I don't know what else I can do.
I am simulating a deformation in the artery wall after simulating the blood flow in the Fluent. I am doing this through the "one way" method. So, I imported the pressure in "Static in the Structure" and started the simulation here, but it doesn't converge. The simulation stops in time 0.4 seconds.
I tried to refine the mesh (with an element size of 0.001 m), but nothing changed. I don't know if the property of the wall (density, isotropic, Yeoh equation) can interfere in convergence.
Can someone help me?

karachun February 13, 2020 04:08

Any pictures, error messages, models? Without additional information no one can help you. First of all it is good to tell what FEA package do you use.

Lara Gonšales February 13, 2020 09:22

Here is the image of the simulation result:
I'm using ANSYS 19.1

I think the problem is the geometry I'm using

karachun February 13, 2020 10:16


I think the problem is the geometry I'm using
Maybe, I cannot tell anything without geometry. Convergence difficulties are very common, they may be caused by zillion of reasons.
Some additional pictures descriptions (mesh type, mesh quality, boundary conditions, loads, material properties) will be fine.

Lara Gonšales February 28, 2020 09:24

Last week, I tried to simulate again, but all the models did not converge. I don't know if the problem is the models or some incorrect configuration.
I have some images here about each setting.

karachun March 10, 2020 03:06

Ok, but I still dont undersatnd - is this solid mesh or plate. If solid then try to reduceelement size - look like element size is bigger than wall thickness.
And try to reduce applied force. If force too big then any mesh will be distorted until solver diverge.

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