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knobbyman March 5, 2020 15:46

Hydrostatic Force on a Surface
I have a, hopefully simple, question.

I have a silo that holds feed for cattle. It is a cube 10'x10'x10' and has a funnel at the bottom that goes from 10'x10' to 1'x1' over 7' (measures from the 10x10 to the 10x10 not along it's height)

The question is how much force is on the inside of the funnel part? We need to replace the funnel and move from the current metal to a plastic so we can't just replace the material with what it used to be.

Specific Weight = 1.275
Density of feed = 53.34 lbs. per cubic foot
Total Height of feed bin = 15'

I came up with 7.08 PSI ... Which doesn't seem accurate to me.

karachun March 6, 2020 02:58

When you work with bulk materials things become more complicate due to internal friction. Result may highly depend from material properties. Check EN 1991-4 Eurocode 1: Actions on structures - Part 4: Silos and tanks or similar design code, valid in your country.

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