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Safasml May 19, 2020 09:34

Number of Cores in ANSYS Mechanical
Can anyone tell me how to increase the number of cores used in ANSYS Mechanical? As I understood when the number of cores exceeds 4, an error appears and the solution stops.
I want to use 8 cores in my analysis. What should I do?

siw May 20, 2020 04:10

If you are using an older version of Mechanical (2019 R1 and before) click on Tools / Solve Process Settings / Advanced and enter the amount of CPUs and GPUs you want to use.

If you are using a newer version of Mechanical (2019 R2 and after) which has the new GUI with the ribbon layout then cores are set in the Home tab. If you click on the lower right-hand corner of the Solve area it opens the Solve Process Settings box as in the older ANSYS versions.

Safasml May 20, 2020 07:12

Dear siw, thank you for your quick response. I am using ANSYS 2019 R1 and as I said when I increase the number of cores (more than 4 cores) I encounter an error and the solution stops. Any idea?

siw May 20, 2020 07:53

Do you have the correct licences for running on more cores? Are you using a Student or Commercial licence? Post a screen print of the Mechanical error.

Safasml May 20, 2020 10:03

I think I realized where the problem is… my PC has 4 cores and 8 logical processors. I thought that ANSYS Mechanical is as same as Fluent and CFX and I can set the number of cores equal to the logical processors but probably it’s not true… am I right?
I am using Student license. And you said about the correct licenses… I didn’t understand what you mean.

siw May 21, 2020 02:32

The ANSYS Student website ( System Requirements and Browser drop down menu says "Support for up to 2 cores for HPC solutions". So that was why I asked what you were using. I only use the Student version to try features on my personal laptop (so I do not need run a job on more than 2 cores). It is only when I use ANSYS at work on our commercial licences I can use many cores as we have some HPC Packs.

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