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amarkkassery January 22, 2013 16:53

Request for updates to the downloads to be logged

I know you guys at ADL have done a lot of recent updates to the downloads (installers, source code and such), but all of them seem to have the same exact name (v2.0) and it is difficult to figure out if it has to be downloaded again.

Can a page mark be created to denote, when was the last time that a given file was updated?

Thanks once again, guys, for the awesome work!

fpalacios January 27, 2013 20:53

Thanks a lot for you kind post,

You are completely right and we updated the software (minor changes) but we didn't updated the name, now the SU2 v2.0 is completely close.

The plan is to upload a new version of SU2 every month (basically a copy of our current svn version), we will use the appropriate name (v2.xx).


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