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kevinholst January 30, 2013 15:37

nans problems (possibly due to compiler)
Previously, when running SU2_CFD on v1.1 using the precompiled executables for Mac OSX, if a nan was encountered in the residuals, the program would abort.

Now, I'm running v2 executables that I have compiled, and when I encounter nans, it just keeps on running, always giving nans.

Does this sound like I don't have a compiler flag set properly, or is this something that was built into v2? If it's a compiler flag setting, could you suggest what gcc compiler flag I would need?

economon January 30, 2013 18:24


This was a feature that we had in V1.1, but we found an issue with it that was related to the adjoint flow solver, so it has been disabled until we can get the appropriate fix in place. Sorry for the confusion - there's nothing that needs to be changed on your end.

Hope this helps!

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