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AEMD March 18, 2013 13:36

SU^2 v2.0 compilation with MSMPI on Windows HPC Server 2008R2

I tried SU^2 on Windows with the binaries and on Linux by compiling from source, and I'd want to use it on a Windows cluster running Windows HPC Server 2008R2. As the cluster is using MS-MPI, I am trying to compile the source files on Windows. Could someone tell me more about the procedure to compile SU^2 on Windows?
According to the FAQ it seems that there was a makefile doing this in the v1 but it doesn't seem to work for the v2.
Thank you.

mcolonno March 24, 2013 14:52

Thanks for your interest in SU^2. We have VS 2010 project files to build on Windows but, since these are set up for our development environment, we don't generally distribute them. If you're willing to customize the project settings for your environment these should work for you and others have successfully built SU^2 on Windows this way. Please email the development team with this request and I will make sure you get the files and instructions to get started.

AEMD March 25, 2013 09:59

Thanks a lot! I will send them a mail.

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