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Akash C June 20, 2013 04:49

Installation issues for parallel computation
I work for engineering solutions company and we are in the process of incorporating SU2 in our work. I am currently working on CENT-OS trying to understand the working behind SU2 and evaluating its fitness for our organization.

The first error that I faced was with the Parallel installation, I first tried using open mpi but it didn't seem to work. But after uninstalling openmpi even the serial command for SU2_CFD analysis stopped working. I read a thread in this section which suggested having two executables for parallel and serial configurations. Is this the right method as it also suggested that some scripts might not run by doing so.

Secondly when I used the command for parallel installation
python ./build -o redhat -p –with-cgns –cgns-inc-path=-I/usr/local/include –cgns-lib-path=/usr/local/lib/libcgns.a
most of the modules don't get installed as they are not compatible with parallel configuration, so do I have to install them separately using serial option or am I doing something wrong.

Another issue was that of uninstalling the software. Does the software require a separate procedure for uninstalling or just deleting the directory containing compiled files will do the trick.

Currently I am working with the binaries that are to readily available to test this software, but I will need the parallel version with cgns support for our problems.

Help on this is greatly appreciated.

Akash C June 21, 2013 05:26

The parallel computation problem was solved using mpich2 for message passing interface. There seems to be some problem with openmpi and SU2.
The key is to compile each module separately instead of compiling each of the modules at once and using the python script to compile makes it really easy.
Asking for the uninstall process was silly on my part, should've looked harder. The clean option does it beautifully.

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