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jentink October 4, 2013 10:24 ?
I am trying out the config_gui script, and keep having to add packages...

Having trouble with the wx module it's asking for. Any tips on getting this module installed?


jentink October 4, 2013 11:57

Do moderators read this part of the forum?! I know one is on today...

Anyway, I found my problems: I got wx installed properly through my ubuntu package manager. My attempt at compiling and installing wxpython wasn't what the was looking for.

I also had to edit >> version 2.0.8 didn't install with a 'trunk' directory, so the path trunk/Common... in that appends to the su2_basedir was wrong. Currently my 'Common' directory is 1st level below SU2_HOME.

gui now works.

pete October 8, 2013 14:46

Two of the SU2 developers have moderator privileges (economon and fpalacios). We other moderators also check this section regularly, but perhaps not daily. Did you want help with something? We are 18 moderators and often at least one of us is online.

jentink October 8, 2013 15:04

I got config_gui working. (currently running 2.0.8)

I had to edit and, though. config_gui has a hardcoded ~/su2 that I changed to os.environ.get('SU2_HOME'). And it also tries to find things in trunk/Common, even though the 2.0.8 version doesn't have a 'trunk' directory. I just edited out the trunk/

aniketaranake October 8, 2013 19:08

Thank for bringing this to our attention. I've fixed the path issues in the latest version of the trunk.

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