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jentink October 10, 2013 10:17 and V2.0.8
In my recent compile of 2.0.8 (with mpi) I noticed I don't have or in my bin directory.

I have them in a bin directory from an earlier serial install - do I have to do a serial install to get those in the correct place with 'make install' ?

economon October 11, 2013 15:53

Hi Tom,

The Python scripts received a major overhaul during the recent developer releases. These python libraries should no longer be required with V2.0.8.


jentink October 15, 2013 08:19

I thought I was running with my 2.0.8 intall when I got the message saying I didn't have or, but maybe it was when I was playing with several different versions.

However, is still giving me errors; I was wondering why it would look for ADJ_OBJFUNC if I'm not running any adjoint problems? I tend to delete all lines from a cfg file I'm using that are not applicable to the problem I'm running.

File "/home/tjentink/su2-mpi/bin/", line 90, in mesh_adaptation
objfunc = params_get['ADJ_OBJFUNC']

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