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pcg August 16, 2021 19:15

SU2 version 7.2.0 has been released!
SU2 v7.2.0 is out! It has been a while since the last release (7.1.1) but many new features have been added, some of the highlights are:
  • Unsteady discrete adjoints for multizone problems (e.g. FSI and CHT).
  • Hybrid parallelization (MPI + OpenMP) of discrete adjoint solvers.
  • New boundary conditions and important corrections to RANS wall functions and transition models.
  • Usability improvements, such as speeding up the NEMO preprocessing for large problems, restarting from results on non-matching grids, suggestions for incorrect config options, etc.
Many fixes have also been performed based on the feedback from the online community (i.e. you!).
See what is included in version 7.2.0 here:

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