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Akash C July 8, 2013 07:47

Sliding mesh and multiple cell domain simulations

I have been working with SU2 for about a month a now. I wanted to know if multiple cell domain simulations, such as the ones done for mrf approach(one cell domain in rotating with reference to the other) in fluent, possible in SU2? And if it is can I please have some pointers for using it, any examples would be a great plus.

Also I would really appreciate some help on using the sliding mesh code. There are no tutorials on this one and test cases directory for v2.0.5 contains any empty folder by the name of dynamic mesh.


economon August 19, 2013 16:02

Hi Akash,

Thanks for working with SU2, and we appreciate the feedback. SU2 is capable of running simulations in a rotating frame of reference (steady) as well as unsteady flows on dynamic meshes (both rigidly transforming and deforming meshes). At the moment, these features are restricted to single block meshes (single zone), as the sliding mesh capabilities allowing for multiple zones in relative motion are still in the early stages of development.

We will be getting more test cases posted in the coming months, including more examples of unsteady flows on dynamic meshes. However, in the current set of test cases, you will find some examples of calculations in a rotating frame.

All the best,

ani1990 May 29, 2014 11:47


I'm trying to run something of this kind myself; namely
I have two mesh zones moving relative to one another.

Will I be able to solve such a problem with SU2 v3.0.1?

If so any examples setting such problems would be a real help.


economon January 4, 2015 04:39


Please check out the post here for a little more information:


Thomas D. Economon
SU2 lead developer

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