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Tushar K Herle July 17, 2013 22:25

I am using su2 to find the structural deflection of the wing and when i run the program it is showing "The configuration file doesn't have any definition for markerfoil_TRIA!!". I dont know what does this mean. Please tell me about this error. Is this a problem with meshing or configuration file?

economon July 25, 2013 03:02


Based on the error message, it appears that there is a marker named 'markerfoil_TRIA' in your .su2 mesh file that you have not specified a boundary condition for within the configuration file. This could be a simple string mismatch, or perhaps it has been omitted altogether. Add this marker name to a suitable BC in the configuration file, and it should run just fine. Also, note that you can open up the .su2 mesh file in a text editor and search for the string 'MARKER' to help locate the names of each boundary condition within the file, in case you forget or are unaware of their names (depending on export or how you obtained the mesh).

Thanks for trying SU2 and all the best,

Tushar K Herle August 8, 2013 12:00

Thanks TOM,
Thanks for your reply. It helped me a lot.

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