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Akash C July 29, 2013 06:34

ROE-TURKEL Preconditioning
I have seen Roe-Turkel preconditioning being mentioned in one of the pictures at SU2's twitter account for low mach numbers. I was wondering how to enable it.
I tried specifying the following in the initial portion of config file for the simulation problem definition(got the clue from Cconfig class)

But this doesn't seem to work and the history graph with and without the preconditioning show the same trend. Or should I change the default false value in the source code and recompile it for the time being.

I am trying an external aerodynamic case using a mach no. of 0.062, using the incompressible formulation I obtained pretty descent results and was hoping for a better correlation with the preconditioning turned on.

Please correct me if I am going wrong.

economon August 19, 2013 16:09

Hi Akash,

Roe-Turkel preconditioning (ROE_TURKEL_PREC= YES) is set up to work with the compressible solver only when choosing also the Roe method for computing convective fluxes (CONV_NUM_METHOD_FLOW= ROE-1ST_ORDER or 2nd order).

Hope this helps!

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