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mk1989 October 18, 2013 00:18

problems in optimization of ONERAM6
I used the tutorial 9, I first did the parallel_computation -f inv_ONERAM6.cfg -p 2, then I change DIRECT to ADJOINT, and ran parallel_computation -f inv_ONERAM6.cfg -p 2, but I only get the result of restart_adj_cd.dat and don't have the restart_adj_cl.dat, how can I get the restart_adj_cl.dat?
Wish the help from u!!!

economon November 19, 2013 17:38


Note that you will have to run 2 separate adjoint problems for the two different objectives. It appears that you have run the adjoint problem for the drag, but you will also have to run it for the lift objective by changing the ADJ_OBJFUNC option in the config file from DRAG to LIFT. After you change it to LIFT and converge that problem, you will have restart_adj_cl.dat available.

Hope this helps,

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