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tomp1993 April 15, 2018 15:40

inequality constraints incompatible in (SLSQP exit mode 4)
I am running a 3D drag reduction optimization using the fixed CL mode as lift constraint (to reduce need for solving lift adjoint every step).
On running the optimization using already converged and validated flow and adjoint restart files, i am returned the message:

  NIT    FC          OBJFUN            GNORM
    1    1    6.646769E-05    2.307356E+21
Inequality constraints incompatible    (Exit mode 4)
            Current function value: 6.64676882e-05
            Iterations: 1
            Function evaluations: 1
            Gradient evaluations: 1

in the job output file.
I am using FFD_CONTROL_POINT variables for the geometry deformation.
i have commented out the opt_constraint option in the configuration file.
Any ideas as to what might be causing this error would be greatly welcomed!
is this happening as a result of not specifying lift as an optimization constraint?
Many thanks,

edugmaba April 1, 2020 14:42

Hi, Tom

It's been a while since you have posted it. Do you have any ideia about this problem? I'm also having trouble on this.

I've noticed that my Adjoint Solution didn't converge (Res = 32.68), and I think this may be your problem too. Take a look at the value of your Gnorm, E+21 is not a normal value for that.


Eduardo P. Gamba

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