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Marco_Vanderbijl May 17, 2019 16:46

FFD box and wing section twist

I have read Thesis_Report_jan_hoogervorst.pdf, he implemented FFD box twist in Su2/grid_movement_structure.cpp back in 2015. In his thesis he has a real nice report on how FFD box deformation works. There he describes that if you use one FFD box to encompass the whole wing (this one box has multiple column/rows of nodes on it's surface) then perturbing one node (or column of nodes in case of adding twist), actually has an effect over the whole surface of the wing (though maybe ever so slightly).
He describes that one has to use multiple boxes placed adjacent to each other (say one per wing section) to accurately control the twist of the wing per section.
At that time (2015) there was a limit of 10 FFD boxes that SU2 could handle in such a manner.

Q1) Is the above mentioned multiple FFD box technique still the way to do this or has the code evolved in the meantime and should I use some other method?

Q2) Is this max FFD box limit still in the current code?
[edit]: I think I found the answer to this in file SU2/Common/include/option_structure.hpp
where MAX_NUMBER_FFD = 15; /*!< \brief Maximum number of FFDBoxes for the FFD. */ is set


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