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kirkrich January 14, 2013 22:24

Engine effects/nacelle bc's
The release information for v2.0 says there is the capability for engine effects, and I noticed in the documentation nacelle boundary conditions. Is there any information (papers, documentation, presentations, examples) on the implementation of the engine/nacelle boundary conditions?

fpalacios January 15, 2013 03:23

First of all, thank you for your interest in SU2.
We are directing very significant efforts at the development of documentation, a lot of information can be found in our webpage (tutorial), our AIAA papers ( complete list in ), and in a survey paper

With respect to the engine boundary condition. That implementation has been validated in an industrial project and the results will be presented in the AIAA Fluid Dynamics and Co-located Conferences and Exhibit (June, 2013).

The current implementation of the engine boundary conditions is based in the proper use of Riemann invariants (characteristics based method) and it allows the imposition of total nozzle temperature and pressure in the exhaust, and fan face Mach number in the inflow (a minimal modification allows mass flow rate in the inflow). Please note that the template config file contains some useful information.


kirkrich January 16, 2013 04:01

Hey Francisco, thanks for the information. I looked at the template configuration file and I see the format for the input for the nacelle boundary conditions. For these type boundary conditions, and others, what does the ... at the end of the input mean? And for the nacelle inflow boundary condition, how do I determine the proper Mach number? I would also be interested to learn the modification to use mass flow for the inflow. Does the combination of the nacelle inflow/outflow boundary condition balance the mass flow through the engine? And finally, is there a way to simulate a Turbofan engine, say using two outflow bc's? Sorry for so many questions. I will try these bc's, that may answer some questions too. Thanks again...

economon January 16, 2013 16:58

Just to chime in on your question about the "..." in the boundary condition descriptions: this is meant to represent the fact that you can list more than one of these types of BCs by simply repeating the specified format for a different marker/set of conditions. The code has been written in a general manner that can accept multiple boundaries for each type of BC.

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