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quaintchewster January 29, 2013 23:17

Some bugs in SU2
1 dosen't support merging steady solution files. When "-b" and "-e" options are not provided, it dosen't merge data files. And this file maybe need a "-o" option.

2 In the manual, page 89, step 3,
"Execute the shape optimization script by entering ”python shape -f inv_ONERAM6.cfg -g 1.0” at the command line. Again, note that Python, NumPy, and SciPy are all required to run the script."
Here, "-g 1.0" is not right. It should be "-g ADJOINT" ??

BTW, if I already have a flow solution file. And I want to compute adjoint problem based on the solution, how should I set up SU2_CFD read the flow solution file but solve the adjoint problem from no solution file?


economon January 30, 2013 00:26


1. Please try to use the script for merging steady solution files instead. Note that the script is actually just a wrapper for that should only be used for a set of flow solutions at successive time steps. Also, the calls to these scripts will all be automated appropriately through use of the script for parallel jobs.

2. Thanks for letting us know about this. The shape design scripts were improved for the 2nd release, and some of the inputs changed slightly. Please use the more recently updated online version of this tutorial that can be found here (we will update the manual): Also, remember that you can always view the available options for any of the python scripts by using the "--help" option.

For computing the adjoint, please see the basic steps in the quick start tutorial found here: Note that you can use any available flow solution to compute the adjoint simply by making sure you change the file name to "solution_flow.dat" (this is the name by default, but this can be changed in the config file) and by setting the MATH_PROBLEM option in the config file to ADJOINT.

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