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sss3700 March 3, 2013 15:00

Problem with parallel python scripts for dual time stepping test case
I've discovered that the and don't quite work for the test cases that use dual time stepping when run in parallel.

I think I've traced the error down to the following sections:


# compose function call format and inputs
run_SU2_DDC = os.path.join( SU2_RUN , "SU2_DDC " + Config_DDC_filename )
run_SU2_CFD = os.path.join( SU2_RUN , "SU2_CFD " + Config_CFD_filename )
run_SU2_DDC = "mpirun -np 1 %s" % (run_SU2_DDC)
run_SU2_CFD = "mpirun -np %i %s" % (partitions, run_SU2_CFD)
if unsteady_simulation:
run_merge_solution = " -p %s -f %s -b %s -e %s" % (partitions, Config_CFD_filename, 0, nExtIter)
run_merge_solution = " -p %s -f %s -o %s" % (partitions, Config_CFD_filename, output)

The merge unsteady doesn't appear to get called for this config file option: 'UNSTEADY_SIMULATION= DUAL_TIME_STEPPING-2ND_ORDER' (I was running the incomp_euler channel flow test case).

economon March 5, 2013 14:30


There is also one other option that enables the unsteady file writing in the config file. Please set the following option:


With this enabled as well as the dual time stepping option, the files will write in unsteady format with the iteration number appended to the filename (they will be ready for animating directly). I would also recommend writing solutions at every iteration by setting


These settings should work well with the python scripts. Hope this helps!

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