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curky March 21, 2013 17:56

Pressure results
Is it possible to get pressure results instead of pressure coefficient in result file surface_flow? I can't find any info about it.

fpalacios March 21, 2013 21:48

Yep, this is a minor modification in the code.

Anyway, the volumetric solution provides the value of the pressure (note that the latest version of SU2 has a new I/O)

If you want to change the surface output, just localize in the output_structure.cpp the following code
for (iMarker = 0; iMarker < config->GetnMarker_All(); iMarker++)
if (config->GetMarker_All_Plotting(iMarker) == YES)
for(iVertex = 0; iVertex < geometry->nVertex[iMarker]; iVertex++) {
iPoint = geometry->vertex[iMarker][iVertex]->GetNode();
aux_press[iPoint] = FlowSolution->GetCPressure(iMarker,iVertex);

and change
FlowSolution->GetCPressure(iMarker,iVertex); by FlowSolution->node[iPoint]->GetPressure(false);


curky March 22, 2013 19:05

Thanks a lot!!!

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