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malik April 1, 2013 14:18


Can anyone plz confirm me that which type of scheme is used in SU2 to gain second order accuracy . Is it JST?

Thanks in advance

taxalian April 1, 2013 16:13

Well the integration of convective fluxes is done by using JST and ROE and second order spatial accuracy can be achieved by using these spatial schemes and some others too. For further details see this SU2 publication:

hope this helps you.

malik April 2, 2013 14:25

Objective function
Can anyone plz help me to tell if i am correct in the following description

F(x) = Cd+ rp(CL-CLT)^2

where F(x) is my objective function, Cd is the cost function, (CL-CLT)^2 is the penalty function and rp is the penalty parameter.

I am doing lift constrained drag minimization using adjoint method

economon April 11, 2013 13:31

Hi malik,

Just in case you are unaware, we have a python script named that will automate shape design using SU2. Within the script, you can specify lift-constrained drag minimization which is already an available option. Please also see the shape optimization options at the bottom of the config_template.cfg file that can be found in the trunk/ directory of the source distribution.

Hope this helps!

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