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abonfi April 24, 2013 07:16

Problem at restart
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I am trying to restart an un-steady calculation with version 2.0.3
Despite the fact I am using:

%RESTART_FLOW_FILENAME= restart_flow.dat
RESTART_FLOW_FILENAME= ./restart_flow.dat
RESTART_ADJ_FILENAME= restart_adj.dat
RESTART_LIN_FILENAME= restart_lin.dat

SU2 cannot find the restart file, which i created by re-naming the latest solution file.

Restart flow file name: restart_flow.dat.
There is no flow restart file!!

the full log is enclosed


dtucker April 24, 2013 10:21

Yeah, I tried making sub-directories in the past without much luck. The easiest thing would be to move your restart file up a level so that it is in the same directory as your *.cfg file and *.su2 mesh.

mcell April 26, 2013 04:58

I had the same problem for transient simulations (not steady). It seems that SU2 needs for transient restart simulations also the latest "solution_flow_0000x.dat" file.

Try to rename the latest restart_flow_0000x.dat file to solution_flow_0000x.dat and also copy that one to solution_flow dat. The information in both files is of course the same but in my case that worked.

Hope thats helps

Santiago Padron May 2, 2013 13:43

By default when restarting a solution the code will look for solution_flow.dat in the config file
% Restart flow input file
SOLUTION_FLOW_FILENAME= solution_flow.dat

So you can either copy/move the restart_flow.dat to solution_flow.dat or you can modify the configuration file to
% Restart flow input file
SOLUTION_FLOW_FILENAME= restart_flow.dat

For the unsteady case the step at which the code will restart depends on the configuration file option EXT_ITER.
So if you want to restart from solution_flow_00099.dat you will have to specify
% Number of total iterations
% Restart flow input file
SOLUTION_FLOW_FILENAME= solution_flow.dat


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