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Speng May 8, 2013 16:00

EnGrid makes SU2 grids

"Since the 1.2 release, enGrid provides native export to OpenFOAMŪ and since 1.4 for SU2."

Has anyone tried this yet?

taxalian May 9, 2013 02:20

Hi Speng,

Is this just a normal query or you really want to use engrid with SU2. Can you explain a little bit more about your problem description, if you have any.


Speng May 9, 2013 08:38

Just wanted to make it known that this option was out there because I hadn't seen it mentioned before.

taxalian May 9, 2013 11:40

Hi Speng,
Well thats pretty fine with the query. For further information you can have a look at the following thread discussed at the enGrid forum section:

You will find at the end of this thread, where i asked the developer of enGrid about the SU2 mesh export.


Speng October 31, 2013 16:59

Taxalian, have you tried it? I'm about to start playing around with it and I don't want to be spending ages coming up with a good grid generation approach.

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