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taxalian May 9, 2013 14:14

Spalart Allmaras Gamma Re Theta Model
Hi SU2 Users,
I have tried to compute the NREL S-series wind turbine airfoil s809 test case available in SU2 v2.0.3 developers release.

The transition model implemented seems to be the γ−Reθt−SA model, introduced by Medida et al.

The problem is that the simulation diverges everytime few iterations and the residual of SA-eddy viscosity results in nan.

I tried to adjust the intermittency factor and the freestream turbulence intensity but does not help at all. I think this should not be the case normally at AoA=0.

May be the model is not yet implemented completely or i don't what other issues causes the simulation not to converge.

May be it's also a good idea if we can have an input parameter that defines the freestream viscosity ratio i.e. mu_turb / mu_lam

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance.

aniketaranake May 14, 2013 13:36

Dear Taxalian,

The transition model is not yet fully implemented and is not ready for use. Sorry for the inconvenience.


taxalian May 14, 2013 14:58

Hi Aniket,
Thanks for the reply and info. Hope this will be available in the SU2 regular version release.

taxalian October 4, 2013 04:45

γ−Reθt−SA/SST turbulence model
Is the γ−Reθt−SA/SST turbulence model available in github is in fully functional mode now. I tried to run again the similar test case mentioned earlier in this thread, but no success. The code just stopped after performing Mulitgrid agglomeration.

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