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Gaso May 28, 2013 11:28

Errors running Caradonna (rotating blade) test case

I'm still learning, so probably i'm missing something obvious.

When I try to run the caradonna test case, it shows a lot of points with negative pressure and then start iterations, every iteration says "nan".

The original test case configuration file looked for a mesh file with a slightly different name, so I changed that. Everything else is equal.

Anyone have any idea what may be wrong?

Thank you!!

economon June 13, 2013 18:17


Sorry that you have found some problems with the Caradonna test case. Unfortunately, this configuration file (and mesh) are a bit outdated and, because we have recently changed the periodic boundary conditions, it is unlikely that this case will work with the later versions of the code (2.0+). You might try running this case with version 1.0 of the code.

Apologies and all the best,

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