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AEMD July 17, 2013 10:47

NaNs in the residuals history
When trying second order schemes on SU2 v2.0.5, I observed a curious behavior in the reporting of the residuals for most of my cases (though it is not systematic).
I get all residuals changing suddenly from reasonable values to NaNs in the convergence history file while the calculation continues and exits when reaching the convergence criteria.
Moreover, although the residuals written on the command prompt and in the history files are reported as NaNs, the maximum residual value is still calculated (and is non-NaN). All the variables and residual values in the domain are non-NaN, according to the volume flow data file.
So, the computation seems not to diverge but the value of the residual in the convergence history file is sometimes reported as a NaN.
Did someone observe the same behavior?

rktchip July 25, 2013 12:49

nan's and inf's anywhere in the solution or history is generally a sign of a failed solution. when seeing these, check your mesh and numerics options in the config file.

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